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5 Quick Ways Unblock Clogged Shower Drain
5 Quick Ways to Unblock a Clogged Shower Drain

A clogged shower drain slowing water drainage is often caused by built-up hair and grime. Easily and quickly unblock your shower drain at home using common household items like boiling water, baking soda, vinegar or a plunger to dissolve and dislodge the clog.

sewer line blockages?
What causes sewer line blockages?

Sewer line blockages are typically caused by a buildup of grease, tree roots, debris, or pipe damage that restricts flow. Understanding the main causes of clogs and avoiding pouring fats/oils down drains can help prevent blockages.

Fast Ways Unblock Drain
Fast Ways to Unblock Any Drain

Unblocking a blocked drain is easy with common household products. Pour boiling water down the pipe, follow with baking soda and vinegar. The reaction breaks down debris so you can flush the drain clear.

Replace Plumbing Fixtures
When To Replace Plumbing Fixtures

Replacing plumbing fixtures that show signs of age and wear like leaks, corrosion and reduced water flow prevents bigger problems down the line. Scheduling annual plumbing inspections allows assessment of all pipes and fixtures for necessary repairs or replacements, improving functionality.

Plumbers Unblock Showers
Plumbers Who Unblock Showers

Suffering from a blocked or clogged shower drain? Our licensed plumbers can get your shower drain flowing freely again. We use advanced tools to clear debris, hair, soap scum and anything else blocking your drain. Call Burwood Plumbing now for same day service to fix your blocked shower.

Perform Emergency Gas Shut-
How to Perform an Emergency Gas Shut-Off

If you ever smell gas or suspect a leak, it’s vital to know how to quickly and safely shut off the gas supply. Locate the gas meter outside your home and turn the shut-off valve to the closed position perpendicular to the pipe. This will stop the flow of gas and make the area safe.

Gas Regulator Faulty
How to Tell if Your Gas Regulator is Faulty

Several signs indicate a faulty gas regulator, including weak or uneven flames, hissing sounds, and gas leaks. Replacing a faulty regulator prevents dangerous gas flow issues. Our experts can inspect your gas appliances and regulator for faults and install a replacement if needed.

Tankless Hot Water Systems Work
How Tankless Hot Water Systems Work

Tankless water heaters, also called instantaneous or on-demand water heaters, provide hot water by heating it as it flows through the unit instead of heating and storing it in a tank.

Common blocked drains
Common causes of blocked drains

Blocked drains are often caused by hair, cooking grease, tree roots growing into pipes, and flushed debris like wipes & toys. Careful sink use, screens & professional drain cleaning can prevent most clogs.

Pipe Relining Complex Bends & Angles
Pipe Relining For Complex Bends & Angles

Our pipe relining solutions can repair cracked, broken or collapsed pipes containing multiple bends, angles or junctions up to 90 degrees. We use specially designed equipment and advanced techniques to reline pipes of any shape. 50 year warranty. Contact Burwood Plumbing today for an obligation free quote.

Spot Bad Pipe Relining Job
How To Spot A Bad Pipe Relining Job

If pipes were poorly relined, you may notice recurring drain blockages, leaks, cracks, bad odors, and other persistent issues. Have an expert inspect your pipe relining to check for problems. We’ll diagnose any issues with a camera inspection and advise on fixes.

Pipe Relining Prep Work
Pipe Relining Prep Work

A full pipe inspection using CCTV and high-pressure water jetting is required before relining to assess suitability and fully clean inside pipes. The pipe is measured and a resin-impregnated liner tube is cut to an exact fit before installation. Proper prep work ensures longevity of the repair.

blocked drainage affect water pressure?
Does blocked drainage affect water pressure?

Blocked drains reduce water flow, leading to low water pressure throughout your plumbing system. Restore proper water flow and pressure by getting clogged drains fixed fast with Burwood Plumbing’s drain cleaning services.

Pipe Relining Removes Calcium Buildup
How Pipe Relining Removes Calcium Buildup

Pipe relining is a trenchless repair method that fixes calcium buildup and mineral deposits inside pipes causing clogs or damage. It inserts a durable epoxy liner without digging or pipe replacement to renew pipes and improve drainage.

dripping tap emergency?
Is a dripping tap an emergency?

A dripping tap seems minor but wastes 1000s of litres of water yearly, causing higher bills. Though not an emergency, fix it fast before pipes burst.

Schedule Professional Drain Cleaning
When to Schedule Professional Drain Cleaning

Scheduling professional drain cleaning services on a yearly basis is highly recommended, even if pipes seem clear, to avoid future clogs. This preventative maintenance by a licensed plumber keeps drain pipes clear and problems from developing over time due to build ups. Contact us today to schedule.

Smell Gas House? Action
Smell Gas in Your House? Take Action Now

If you detect a rotten egg smell or hear a funny hissing inside your Melbourne property, evacuate everyone immediately then call our 24/7 emergency plumbers.

Tap Running Cold? ’ Fix
Tap Running Cold? Here’s How to Fix It

If the hot water tap is running cold, it’s likely caused by a faulty heating element, sediment buildup in pipes, or an issue with your hot water system. We can troubleshoot the exact cause and get your hot water flowing again quickly.

Hot Water Stop Working?
What Causes Hot Water To Stop Working?

If your hot water suddenly stops working, the most likely causes are power or gas supply issues, leaks, faulty thermostat, sediment buildup or expired system. Try checking circuit breakers, pilot lights, leaks, thermostat temperature. Expert plumbers can diagnose & repair the issue same-day.

Pros Cons Chemical Drain Cleaners
The Pros and Cons of Chemical Drain Cleaners

Chemical drain cleaners promise a fast, easy solution but actually damage pipes, create toxic fumes and pollute waterways. A professional plumber uses safe methods.

Store Gas Cylinders Safely Tips
Store Gas Cylinders Safely With These Tips

Gas cylinders must be stored upright and chained in place outdoors or in a well-ventilated area. Keep away from heat, flames and ignition sources. Check valves are tightly closed. Follow safety rules for risk-free storage.

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