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Introduction to Pipe Relining Issues

The trenchless pipe repair process involves inserting a new liner into the existing pipe through small access points, creating a smooth, watertight channel.

Pipe relining, with its advanced technology, is a less invasive solution for your garden, avoiding the hassle associated with traditional pipe replacement. Trenchless pipe repair, through advanced techniques, fixes a broken pipe without excavating your garden, preventing undue disruptions to your estate.

When it comes to relining, the trenchless method of repairing damaged sewer pipes is highly effective, offering a long-term solution that extends the operational life of your plumbing system. If not addressed, our dedicated team observes that these faults allow water ingress and root intrusion which further damages the pipe.

Poor workmanship in pipe lining can cause complications that may not surface until much later.

Leveraging our extensive experience, our team uses CCTV technology to effectively inspect and address deficiencies in relined pipes, highlighting the advantages over traditional methods. We deliver expert pipe relining services to rectify subpar relining jobs, ensuring a reliable repair process.

Common Signs of Faulty Pipe Relining

Several clear indicators suggest a poorly executed pipe relining job:

  • Frequent blocked sewer incidents or slow drainage - A quality drain relining aims to create a consistent interior surface preventing debris buildup. If you still get regular clogs, the relining may be uneven or contain gaps.
  • Water leaks - any remaining cracks or detachment of the lining represent a certain level of damage that will allow water to seep out. Leaks near joints signal problems.
  • Liner wrinkling - Excess liner material can bunch up inside the pipe instead of forming a tight seal. This creates weak points inside old pipe structures vulnerable to failure.
  • Tree root intrusions - Tiny breaches from tree roots can rapidly expand if not addressed. Root growth indicates the liner has not fully isolated the pipe.
  • Odours returning - Small lining holes re-expose old pipe contents and sewer gas which leads to smells.
  • Assessment issues - A post-relining CCTV inspection should show a smooth and continuous new pipe surface. Any visual defects indicate poor work.

Should such warning signs arise, check our pipe relining FAQs for more information, or schedule a comprehensive inspection of your pipes to determine the necessity of repairing damaged sections or undertaking a re-lining decision.

Identifying Poor Workmanship

There are several factors that can lead to subpar work when relining pipes:

Inadequate Surface Preparation

The existing pipe surface must be meticulously prepared before pipe relining can commence with the application of a flexible liner coated in resin. Any debris, grease or moisture left inside will prevent the liner from properly bonding into existing pipe walls. Inadequate prep work can lead to liner detachment over time.

Low-Grade Lining Materials

Some contractors may cut corners by using cheap resin with inadequate strength or curing agents. Low-quality materials are more prone to tearing, leakage and have a shorter lifetime. When it comes pipe relining, always check what grade of epoxy resin will be utilised.

Improper Curing Process

In the discussion on relining versus pipe replacement, a cured resin liner stands out as a cost-effective option that’s stronger than the original material, resulting in a durable repair. Shortcuts, such as insufficient curing times, make it uncertain that every section pipe will cure properly. This creates weak spots in a section of pipe liable to fail under pressure.

For effective sewer pipe relining, it is crucial to pay attention to the specific products and techniques used by the company. Reputable contractors are professional and meticulous in adhering to best practices to ensure a durable pipe repair. If in doubt, seek a second opinion from our team of pipe relining experts.

Detecting Potential Leaks

There are a few ways homeowners can check for leaks resulting from poor pipe relining work:

Visible Dampness or Water

Meticulously inspect along the routes of hot water steam pipes, particularly near connections, for any visible signs implying that repair pipes endeavours are necessary. Damp areas, water stains and mould can indicate a leak. You may need to remove sections of drywall to expose the full pipe run.

Higher than Normal Water Bills

An unexplained increase in your water bill may signal an undetected leak in your relined pipes. Check bill history to compare usage and determine when excess water started.

Conduct a Water Metre Test

To confirm the integrity of a relined pipe, perform a standard water metre test:

  1. Locate your water metre and take a reading when no water is running. Mark down the number.
  2. Refrain from using water for 1-2 hours.
  3. Take another metre reading - any increase indicates a leak.

Even tiny leaks will register small metre changes. This procedure can also pinpoint if and where relined pipes are leaking.

If you notice water loss and wonder about the durability of pipe relining, contact our team for an evaluation. We can locate leaks and advise repair options to stop the problem.

Evaluating Previous Plumbing Work

In assessing the quality of prior services, it’s crucial to examine whether pipe relining carried out in Sydney has been done by contractors with verifiable qualifications. In Australia, professionals carrying out exceptional work in pipe relining adhere to strict industry standards like AS/NZS 2566.2. Verification is crucial to ensure that relining tasks can carried out by fully licenced and insured plumbers.

Check available paperwork from prior jobs; confirm the contractor completed the work with attention to detail about your specific pipe remediation needs. Compare resin grades, pressure ratings and curing times to manufacturer specifications. CCTV drain inspections showing before and after provide visual evidence of work undertaken.

Our experienced plumbers review footage and documentation to determine if previous relining meets quality benchmarks. If flaws are identified, we help determine appropriate rectification measures. Don’t hesitate to get a second opinion on major plumbing projects from our team.

Using Video Inspections

CCTV drain inspections are a key instrument for meticulously evaluating Sydney pipe relining issues and ensuring minimal disruption your property experiences. A CCTV drain camera probe is inserted through the entire length pipe of pipe to furnish detailed visual footage. This video inspection identifies any faults such as cracks, leaks, blockages, root intrusions and pipe within old structures and other defects.

High-calibre CCTV inspections distinctly capture the installation of a new pipe inside the existing structure, analysing the surface, joints, and connections. Smooth, continuous liner with no breaches confirms a robust relining job. Conversely, any wrinkles, gaps, tears or water leaks pinpoint areas of poor workmanship requiring repair.

We assess footage from past projects to ensure the liner was correctly installed inside the old pipe and properly cured. Our expert plumbers ensure the new lining bonds adequately to your old pipe, checking for the proper thickness and comprehensive coverage with no gaps. Our professional evaluation includes examining the preparation of the surface within old one and comparing before-and-after inspection footage.

If you have concerns about an old pipe relining job, get the pipes inspected. Detailed camera footage acts as visual evidence of pipe condition. We determine if repairs, re-lining or full replacement are necessary based on inspection findings.

Reviewing Certificates and Warranties

When hiring a professional pipe relining company, it’s important to review their certifications and warranties.

Reliable companies such as Burwood Plumbing supply paperwork guaranteeing all plumbers are fully licenced and insured, along with proof of meticulous pipe inspection, which is vital for confirming damaged sewer repair trustworthiness. They should also offer guarantees on parts and labour, warranting their workmanship.

Make sure plumbers adhere to industry standards like AS/NZS 2566.2 for pipe relining. Request copies of certificates earned through training programmes and qualifications. This helps verify competence in latest trenchless techniques.

Warranties provide peace mind and offer recourse, creating new pathways to resolution should any issues arise. At Burwood Plumbing, we offer 12-month guarantees on pipe relining, giving clients assurance that any deficiencies will be promptly rectified.

When to Call a Professional

It’s advisable to contact a professional plumber if your DIY leak checks reveal an issue, or if you lack the tools and expertise to thoroughly inspect relined pipes. We recommend engaging Burwood Plumbing if you discover significant liner wrinkling, gaps or cracks exceeding 3mm, root breaches, or water leaks requiring urgent repair.

Similarly, seek professional assistance if patch repairs falter, leaks exacerbate, or if pipe issues resurface shortly after relining. Our team can conduct in-depth CCTV investigations to identify faults and restore pipe integrity. Equipped with state-of-the-art tools and high expertise, including plumbing jobs on the North Shore, we can tackle even the most complex relining tasks completed by other plumbers.

We highly recommend calling for an informed second opinion to repair damaged pipes.

Available Recourse for Faulty Work

If you find your pipe issues worsening down the track, there are steps you can take to resolve poor workmanship:

Contact the Original Service Provider

Contact the local pipe relining services company who conducted the original relining job for free pipe evaluation service. Under consumer law, they have obligations around rectifying faulty services. Present all work documentation evidencing poor results and request they inspect and repair the pipes free-of-charge.

Seek Expert Opinions

If reaching an agreement proves challenging, our team at Burwood Plumbing can offer valuable insights and deliver a second opinion from our pipe relining specialists. We independently assess the work and provide detailed recommendations to remedy any problems.

Explore Legal Options

For unsuccessful jobs, where warranties or guarantees cover your damaged pipes, consider legal recourse against the initial company as a potential solution to your dilemma. Speak to consumer advocates regarding your rights, and don’t hesitate to contact our team for professional statements supporting your case.

With a wealth of experience, we possess all the expertise necessary to get job done right and set poor jobs back on track. If you face any ongoing issues, call our team today to schedule an inspection.

Preventing Problematic Pipe Relining

There are several key steps that can help prevent issues with pipe relining projects:

Choose Experienced, Licenced Plumbers

Make sure to confirm that plumbers possess the necessary qualifications and training, with a solid history of successful pipe relining over conventional methods. Check industry accreditations and look for specialists with at least 5-10 years of proven expertise.

Get Detailed Project Quotes

Reputable companies will provide a detailed pipe relining quote outlining the full process, materials, and timeframes. Compare quotes and seek references from past clients.

Request Post-Relining Inspections

Factor in follow-up CCTV drain inspections one week and then 6-12 months after project completion. This identifies any problems early while they are still covered by warranties.

Establish Clear Payment Terms

Avoid paying for the entire job upfront. Agree to layered payments tied to key milestones and withhold 10-20% until all post-relining inspections are finalised.

At Burwood Plumbing, We welcome any inquiries to find out about our rigorous procedures for delivering reliable, long-lasting pipe relining last. Contact our team today to discuss your project.

Conclusion: Ensuring Durable Pipes

Faulty drain pipe relining that allows leaks or breaches in old pipes can lead to substantial damage your home could suffer if unaddressed. Being able to recognise warning signs of poor workmanship is crucial for preventing such outcomes.

We have covered the major indicators of deficient relining jobs, like recurring clogs, root intrusion and leaking joints, signalling the type repair needed. Drain inspection cameras are essential tools for clearly identifying any particular type of repair issues, including liner wrinkling, gaps, or detachment. By methodically checking for faults and understanding factors contributing to failure, homeowners can better evaluate the quality of pipe relining projects.

If your DIY checks or professional CCTV assessment reveals deficiencies, concrete solutions are available. Under consumer law, the initial contractor bears responsibility for rectifying unsatisfactory work. If disputes emerge, expert second opinions from alternative services like Burwood Plumbing help determine appropriate remedies.

Ultimately, prevention is the best approach - always verify plumbers have proper accreditations and request post-relining inspections during warrantied periods. For any inquiries, don’t hesitate to email or call Burwood Plumbing today to arrange an obligation-free inspection or quote.

Our team has the experience to deliver or restore long-lasting pipe relining results.

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