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Introduction to Pipe Relining Technology

Drain pipe relining leverages trenchless technology to refurbish damaged pipes, bypassing the need for extensive excavation and associated disruptions. This no-dig method, more efficient than traditional pipe replacement, is ideal for fixing pipes with complex bends, junctions and angles that would be arduous to replace using conventional methods.

Here at Burwood Plumbing, we specialise in trenchless pipe repair, adept with a multitude of piping materials such as clay, concrete, iron and PVC. Our proficient team is able to reline sewer and stormwater lines from 50mm up to 300mm in diameter, showcasing the versatility of our advanced solutions.

The pipe relining procedure starts by inserting a durable epoxy resin liner into the damaged section through access points. It is then expanded and cured in place to construct a new pipe inside the existing one.

Pipe relining surpasses traditional methods, offering faster, cleaner, and more cost-effective repairs, reflecting our head office’s dedication to delivering top-notch services. It also preserves surrounding infrastructure, landscaping and provides robust defence against tree root invasions and other subterranean intrusions. The process ensures no significant disruption to your household, offering peace of mind thanks to the expertise available at our head office.

With our extensive experience in Sydney pipe relining, servicing the Eastern Suburbs for over 25 years, Burwood Plumbing’s experienced team can precisely determine if pipe relining is appropriate for your specific needs. Get in touch with our office or visit our website to learn more.

How Pipe Relining Works to Create a New Pipe Within

The pipe relining process, detailed further on our website, involves inserting a flexible epoxy resin liner into the damaged pipe via existing access points. Specialist technicians deftly position the liner to create new seamless channels, adeptly resolving a blocked drain issue with a robotic cutter to secure the liner into place.

Once the liner reaches the far end of the access point, an inflatable inversion bladder pulls it into place, effectively restoring the pipe’s integrity.

The process thus establishes a new, durable internal pipe within the original structure.

The flexible liner easily conforms to bends, angles, and junctions that would challenge traditional methods, underscoring our solution’s effectiveness. Given the minimal digging involved, this is comparable to providing emergency plumbing without the disruption.

The end result of all our work is a structurally sound, jointless pipe with excellent flow rate and performance. We service a diverse range of pipes, from clay to PVC, accommodating diameters from 50mm to 300mm. With more than 25 years of outstanding service in Sydney, for enquiries about the condition of your pipes, reach out to Burwood Plumbing’s head office for trenchless relining information.

Key Benefits of Trenchless Pipe Relining

Sewer repair via pipe relining presents multiple advantages compared to conventional pipe replacement techniques:

Minimally invasive

Pipe relining eliminates extensive digging, thus preserving your property in comparison to traditional trenching. This process causes no mess, as only minor access pits are used to introduce the epoxy liner into the impaired pipe. Additionally, the creation of a seamless pipe within the old structure ensures minimal disruption to driveways, landscaping and infrastructure around your local property.


Pipe relining typically concludes within one to two days, ensuring a seamless new pipe is created within the existing framework. Conventional replacement can take weeks, requiring excavation and removal before new installation, unlike the swifter relining approach.

Cost savings

Eliminating the need for extensive digging and thus providing an environmentally friendly solution for your damaged pipes makes relining an ecologically sound and cost-effective option. Savings on the cost of pipe replacement can accumulate substantially over time, amounting to savings of up to 60% compared to full excavation methods.


High-quality epoxy resins outlast older pipes, an advantage we advocate for. The seamless interior of the relining material enhances the flow rates within pipes. This assurance provides clients with confidence in every pipe repair we conduct.

Leverage our 25+ years of Sydney service by consulting Burwood Plumbing to determine if trenchless pipe relining is your ideal plumbing solution.

Evaluating if a Pipe can be Relined Based on Bends and Angles

When assessing the feasibility of pipe relining as a solution, we use our technicians’ expertise to thoroughly analyse the pipe geometry, including bends, angles, and junctions. CCTV drain inspections are used to understand the pipe layout and determine the extent of damage, thus deciding if relining will be an effective restoration method.

Thanks to advanced epoxy resins and installation techniques, pipes with multiple bends and angles can often still be suitable for relining. Our experienced team assesses each individual section, focusing on relining Sydney’s diverse plumbing systems, looking at parameters like:

  • Number and acuteness of bends/angles within different types pipe materials and designs
  • Diameter and type of pipe material
  • Length of each pipe section
  • Presence of junctions or damages

This allows us to determine if liner can be inserted and navigate the pipe successfully. In most cases, trenchless relining is possible despite geometric complexities. We will provide guidance on whether replacement is necessary.

Drawing on over 25 years of servicing Sydney, don’t hesitate to engage Burwood Plumbing’s expertise for pipe relining evaluations. Contact us for advice or to book an on-site assessment.

Recent Advancements Expanding Relining Capabilities

Pipe relining technology, as a trusted pipe replacement alternative, has advanced significantly in recent years with new materials and methods enhancing flexibility and reach. This enables the relining of pipes previously not suitable due to complex geometries.

Enhanced epoxy resins, key to the service, deliver superior strength to our pipe relining offering. Combined with reinforced materials like fibreglass, modern liners can navigate tight bends, multi-angle junctions and lengthy distances between access points.

Robotic cutters equipped with camera systems can also give technicians enhanced vision and control during the pipe rehabilitation process, clearing blockages and guiding liners into place.

Inversion units and bladder devices, controllable remotely, enable precise positioning and secure affixing of liners within complex pipe layouts.

These innovations are versatile, offering a wide range of solutions for various plumbing problems, making more pipes amenable to trenchless relining. Burwood Plumbing stays at the cutting edge, continually adopting new technology. Get in touch to discover if your complex pipe system could benefit from our expertise.

Can Cured-in-Place Pipe (CIPP) Lining Handle Complex Pipes?

Cured-in-Place Pipe (CIPP) lining represents an advanced trenchless relining method, well-suited for mending pipes with intricate bends and angles.

The CIPP process involves the insertion of a flexible, fibreglass-reinforced liner soaked in epoxy resin, which is compatible with all types of pipes in need of repair. The liner is inflated, fitting snugly into pipe walls, transforming them from damaged to robust, and then cured using hot water or steam to solidify.

CIPP liners come in various sizes, from 1 1⁄2 inches diameter up to 12 inches, accommodating even custom-sized pipes. Our liners are exceptionally flexible, contorting to navigate tight bends, various angled junctions, offsets, and root intrusions.

At Burwood Plumbing, call us for experienced trenchless specialists who have been skilfully using CIPP relining for over 25 years across Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs. Contact us for a free quote and a free on-site assessment to see if CIPP is right for your pipe issues.

Custom Relining Solutions for Difficult Geometries

At Burwood Plumbing, we have over 25 years experience providing custom pipe relining Sydney solutions for difficult and complex pipe layouts. Our trenchless specialists can adapt our process to accommodate pipes with tight bends, multi-angled junctions, vertical offsets and unconventional dimensions.

We fabricate custom CIPP liners using fibreglass reinforcement for greater flexibility. These can stretch and form to almost any pipe geometry. We also employ specialist installation methods using remote-controlled inversion units and robotic cutters to navigate intricate pipe shapes.

Every pipe system presents unique challenges. Following a thorough CCTV drainage inspection, our head office technicians offer bespoke advice, guiding you with tailored materials and innovative methods suited for your piping. We can reline clay, concrete, PVC and iron pipes from 50mm to 300mm diameter.

Burwood Plumbing has the expertise to assess and reline your complex plumbing layouts with minimal fuss. Contact our team or visit our website to learn more about trenchless custom solutions.

Relining vs. Replacement for Pipes with Challenging Bends

For pipes with complex configurations, such as tight bends and intricate junctions, both relining and total replacement are considered options. Nevertheless, trenchless relining provides several benefits for intricate pipe layouts.

Relining Benefits

  • Much less invasive than replacing pipes, with minimal digging needed
  • Excellent capability to flex and stretch around bends and angles
  • Avoids damage to surrounding structures like driveways or gardens
  • Enhanced flow rate and jointless pipe interior resist future root ingress
  • Pipe lining can cost 50-60% less than full pipe replacement projects


In some unique cases, full pipe replacement may be the only viable option if damage is too severe. Our expertise can help assess this.

Relining can used for pipes within specified diameter ranges.

Contact Burwood Plumbing to evaluate your options. With over 25 years servicing Sydney, we have the expertise to handle more complex plumbing layouts than traditional pipe systems.

Case Studies Demonstrating Effective Relining

Our team at Burwood Plumbing has accomplished successful pipe relining across numerous properties throughout Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs. The effectiveness of our trenchless solutions is evident as they have been refined to rehabilitate pipes with complex layouts and geometries.

Case Study 1 - Apartment Block Pipe Relining

Contracted to address issues beneath an apartment complex, our head office successfully relined 100 metres of failing sewer lines with a 150mm diameter. The sewer pipes proved a challenge with several tight 45 and 90-degree bends. Leveraging CCTV and purpose-fitted CIPP liners, Our team was very efficient in relining the entire line in a swift two days, ensuring no disruption to residents.

Case Study 2 - Heritage Home Underfloor Drain Repair

A heritage-listed 1920s home in Bellevue Hill was restored to its former glory after addressing damp issues caused by failing stormwater pipes; our team’s swift action resulted in a fully repaired pipe system. Our relining team gained access via the roof cavity to feed 70 metres of slimline CIPP liner down a vertical pipe riser, before stretching it through fractured pipes under the floor despite multiple right-angled bends.

Within a week the pipe was completely rehabilitated with no damage to floor surfaces. To make sure our solution avoided the need for major renovations to replace the pipes.

For more examples of our pipe relining capabilities, visit our website or call our office on 1300 349 338. With over 25 years servicing Sydney, no pipe geometry is beyond our expertise.

Frequently Asked Questions About Relining

Can you find out more about relining pipes with multiple bends and angles?

certainly, with the use of advanced epoxy resins and refined installation methods, there’s plenty our pipe relining can do for pipes with multiple bends, 90 degree angles, junctions, and offsets. Custom-sized CIPP liners reinforced with fibreglass allow our technicians to reline intricate pipe layouts.

Is relining as durable and long-lasting as replacing pipes?

High quality pipe relining using epoxy resins can actually outlast and outperform the lifespan of the original piping. The seamless interior surface also improves flow. We offer guarantees on our relining workmanship and are happy to inform you about pipe relining.

What size pipes can you reline at Burwood Plumbing?

Our adept relining system specialists excel at repairing damaged pipes, including critical drain sewer systems, spanning residential and commercial properties from 50mm up to 300mm in diameter. This includes the repair of both sewer storm water systems and other essential drainage conduits. We also provide custom relining solutions for larger pipes.

How long does the relining process take?

Managed by our head office, a standard pipe relining project can be completed promptly, installing a new pipe within the old one in just one to two days with minimal disruption to the property. New CIPP lining is used to repair pipes, rapidly installed then steam cured to form a durable new pipe within the old one.

What type of post-installation maintenance is required?

Once relining work is complete, the restored piping requires no special ongoing maintenance. As epoxy resins resist material buildup, the smooth pipe interior continues performing at optimal flow rates for decades.

News & Information

Pipe Relining Complex Bends & Angles
Pipe Relining For Complex Bends & Angles

Our pipe relining solutions can repair cracked, broken or collapsed pipes containing multiple bends, angles or junctions up to 90 degrees. We use specially designed equipment and advanced techniques to reline pipes of any shape. 50 year warranty. Contact Burwood Plumbing today for an obligation free quote.

Spot Bad Pipe Relining Job
How To Spot A Bad Pipe Relining Job

If pipes were poorly relined, you may notice recurring drain blockages, leaks, cracks, bad odors, and other persistent issues. Have an expert inspect your pipe relining to check for problems. We’ll diagnose any issues with a camera inspection and advise on fixes.

Pipe Relining Prep Work
Pipe Relining Prep Work

A full pipe inspection using CCTV and high-pressure water jetting is required before relining to assess suitability and fully clean inside pipes. The pipe is measured and a resin-impregnated liner tube is cut to an exact fit before installation. Proper prep work ensures longevity of the repair.

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